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MC Ren Biography
Just scan Ren's MC credentials: 17-year-old recruited straight outta Compton, California from high school by Eazy-E to join his trailblazing rap group, NWA (Niggaz With Attitude). The stern-faced rapper became known as the villain in black and with NWA took the music industry and music fans by storm by selling multi-platinum records with no radio or video support. The group took their music and message to the street and made history with the notion of "gangsta" rap. Ren's solo career began with a gold industry buzzing EP called Kizz MY Black Azz (singles "The Final Frontier" and "Behind The Scene") in 1992 followed by his acclaimed `94 first album, Shock of The Hour, featuring "Mayday on the Front Line," from the rap spoof movie CB4.

Although Ren was less outspoken with the media than Eazy-E or Ice Cube, heis regarded by many as the NWA member with the strongest rap skills. Today, a more confident and outspoken Ren is hoping to continue to build on his reputation as one of rap's most articulate urban griots.

While Ren is aware the assault on brash rap music leveled by America's conservative politicos isn't about to subside, he's prepared to stand up for rap music like NWA did with "Fuck Tha Police." "Things have got to change but people ain't listening. So, all you can do is tell somebody-each one, teach one-for now," Ren said. The half moon ring on his right hand represents some of the changes Ren's made in his own life "I've learned to look at things differently. I've got a more balanced down-to-earth outlook. We're all responsible for learning what's real. Otherwise, laws will be changed and we won't have any say in what gets changed. Everybody is still wondering how the three-strikes-you're-out law got passed. It iust goes to show we all gotta learn the truth and act."