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MC Ren Lyrics

Kizz My Black Azz
1. Intro: Check It Out Y'all
2. Behind The Scenes
3. Final Frontier
4. Right Up My Alley
5. Hounddogz
6. Kizz My Black Azz

Shock Of The Hour
1. 11:55
2. Same Old s**t
3. f**k What You Heard
4. All Bulls**t Aside
5. One False Move
6. You Wanna f**k Her
7. Mayday On The Front Line
8. Attack On Babylon
9. Do You Believe
10. Mr. f**k Up
11. Shock Of The Hour

The Villain In Black
1. B**ch Made Ni**a Killa
2. Keep It Real
3. It's Like That
4. Mad Scientist
5. Live From Compton 'Saturday Night'
6. Still The Same Ni**a
7. I Don't Give A D**n
8. Mind Blown
9. Great Elephant
10. Muhammad Speaks
11. Bring It On
Order Ruthless for Life
Ruthless For Life
1. Ruthless For Life
2. Who In The F***
3. N***a Called Ren
4. Comin' After You
5. Voyage To Compton
6. Must Be High
7. So Whatcha Want
8. Shot Caller
9. All The Same
10. Who Got That Street S***
11. Pimpin' Is Free
12. CPT All Day